Welcome to Ignition Solutions

Worldwide Automotive Ignition Product Development

We are specialized in the research and development of
automotive ignition components, including:

  • Complete ignition systems
  • Ignition coils
  • Ignition amplifiers
  • Racing ignition systems
  • Plasma Discharge ignition systems
  • Voltage Amplifiers


Some of our customers are:

  • OKADA Projects, Japan
    • www.okadaprojects.com
  • Okada Projects, USA
    • www.okadaprojects.com/usa/home.htm
  • BBT Automotive, Germany
    • www.bbt-automotive.de
  • Plasma Projects, The Netherlands
    • www.plasmaprojects.com
  • PicoPuls, Sweden
    • www.picopuls.com

Our developments have been proven around the world in production vehicles, race cars and aftermarket products.

Ignition Solutions laboratory, Germany

Kontact Info:

Ignition Solutions
Ulf Arens

Hans-Böckler Ring 23 B
22851 Norderstedt / Germany

Tel.: +49-40-7210-4347
eMail: info@ignitionsolutions.com



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Ulf Arens

Ulf Arens
Ignition Solutions
Hans-Böckler-Ring 23B
22851 Norderstedt
Phone: +49-40-7210-4347

USt-ID-Nr.: DE256479768

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